The Theory Of Adonis

To work out whether or not the Adonis Golden Ratio really does what it claims, one really needs to look at the theory behind it.

First of all, women want men to have broad shoulders because it’s a “sexual selection” feature of human evolution.

And yes, this is based on real science: certain traits are desirable in each gender (see what attracts women to a man here), and the other gender responds to them – it’s a way that Mother Nature has insured that certain signs and signals will indicate to a prospective partner that the individual they are looking at (or going to mate with) is a person of the opposite sex who is fit and healthy.

Let's face it, this is attractive to most women.
Let’s face it, this is attractive to most women.

In essence, sexual selection traits will be linked to good health. They are just things that “naturally go together” and throughout the course of human history they evolved into traits which unconsciously impact our choice of mate.

But more interesting still, what one gender finds attractive in the other is not so much a matter of taste, but is actually a matter of mathematics.

It’s extraordinary that the brain has the capacity to process these things so quickly and so unconsciously. In the case of the human body, one of the things that’s most important in defining attractiveness is something called the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio

This is a number that shows up in many different parts of the human body – to take but one example, the length of the arms and legs when compared to the length of the torso.

But that’s just one example of many in the body. The even more interesting thing here is that when the separate parts of the body conform to the golden ratio, that body is generally seen by other people as more attractive.

To be specific, the golden ratio is achieved when the ratio of any two parts results in a ratio of 1 to 1.62 (or to be precise, 1.618). Mathematically that’s expressed as (A + B) / A = A / B

Sure, it’s interesting to note that different parts of the human body conform to these proportions – but it’s more interesting to observe the effect this ratio has on our perception and our psychology.

It would seem that we are basically programmed in such a way that our minds – which I suppose means our brains when you get down to it – look for symmetry of this order.

And when we find it, we come to the conclusion that the body we are looking at is worthy of more interest or attention or is aesthetically more pleasing.

We also know that that’s both a physiological and psychological element to physical attractiveness.

And so of course one of the questions that naturally arises here is this: how can you use this information to develop greater fitness, look the way you want to look, and perhaps take advantage of this in a social or sexual situation?

When the interesting thing is that the golden ratio applies very much to the parts that we can control by doing workouts and exercises.

Which of these pictures do you find more attractive? Or worthy of more respect? Exactly.

Before and after pictures of The Adonis Golden Ratio

In particular, broad shoulders are attractive to women, and although you might think this is beyond our ability to change, it turns out that the exact nature of the Adonis Ratio relevant to sexual attractiveness is the circumference of the shoulders compared to the circumference of the waist – and you can really can impact it by working out and/or losing fat.

Indeed, John Barban has gone so far as to say that every human being is fundamentally built to the golden ratio, and it’s only the superficial fat and lack of muscular development which gives them appearance of deviating away from it.

Video – John Barban and Kyle Leon talk about the Golden Ratio

So as a man, if you want to build a body which is attractive to women and signals your “alpha male qualities” to other men, then you need to adopt a fitness and diet regime which will maximize your Adonis Index or Adonis Ratio (same thing!)

In practice this means developing your shoulders so that they are 1.62 times bigger than your waist. This is the ideal Adonis index, what John Barban has called the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Therefore if you’re a skinny guy who’s got a 28 inch waist, then your goal for your shoulders should be 45.3 inches around. (Note that you can take the measurement as circumference in both cases.)

On the other hand, if your shoulders are rather large – say 54 inches around – and you’re a big guy, it might be that your waist requires some toning and shaping.

You’d be aiming to get your waist down to around 33 or 34 inches. That would immediately make you look more attractive to women.

So an important point is coming across here: you don’t actually need to develop super lean muscles with minimal fat on your body to look good.

The Adonis index is related to proportions, and the object of every man who is trying to develop his body to look more in proportion to the Adonis ratio or the Adonis index, needs to consider the width of the shoulders related to the width of his waste, regardless of his overall size and appearance.

To put this another way, you don’t need to get super lean with a very low fat index to look good.

People often ask what the balances between working out and dieting in the Adonis system.

Well, there’s no simple answer to that, which is why this Adonis golden comes with a calculator that will do the work for you, giving you clear indication of what you need to eat and what exercises you need to undertake on a week by week basis.

You can understand the need for this if you look at a particular example: if there’s a guy who’s got a 34 inch waist and who shoulders are only 45 inches around, his Adonis index is around 1.32. Yet all he has to do is bring is waist measurement down to 32 inches, and his Adonis index immediately goes up to 1.41.

I’m sure you can see that without doing any muscle development work he significantly improved his Adonis index by dieting so that he achieves only two introduction is waist measurement.

Furthermore, this means that if he does want to increase the circumference of his shoulders by adding muscle to them, he’s really only got 3 inches to add to the total shoulder circumference.

So the point about this example of course is that the Adonis index is a combination of weight training, muscle building, fat loss and exercise.

The exact combination that you need to use to achieve the golden ratio of your own body is dependent on where you’re starting from, what you want to achieve, and your overall size and shape at the start of the program.

Therefore one of the fundamental decisions that you have to make when you sign up for the Adonis program is whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building. Fortunately this software which will tell you exactly where you need to focus your attention.

Having done that, you can feed your information into the Adonis golden software, or the app if you happen to have downloaded it, and it will produce for you a clear indication of where your attention needs to focus.

Then, using the information it will produce for you a precisely determined exercise regime and precisely determined nutritional calculator, including the amount of protein you need to consume, the amount of calories you need to consume, and the exact timescale and periods of which you should be exercising and consuming those calories.

The beauty of this system is that it’s sophisticated and, at least in part, automated. You’re not left to wonder whether you’re doing the right thing, because the program is actually calculating that for you in the first place.

With the support of the helpdesk, and the highly trained support staff who are able to advise you about every aspect of the program, you can see there are significant advantages here.

To be honest is probably even better than getting a personal trainer in gym because most personal trainers will be informed about this level of subtlety when it comes to body shaping and toning for men.

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