Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Software

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This is a really astounding piece of software!

When you feed in your body height, weight and other measurements, you’ll get out your current Adonis index, a progress report, the calories you need, and other information such as daily protein intake and daily calorie intake.

And this also shows your Adonis Program progress broken down in great detail.

This is the essence of what you need to reach the goals that you’ve set the yourself around exercise and body shape and size.

No other system gives you your ideal waist and shoulder measurements, the ones that will let you shape up to the Golden Ratio, as well as the calorie and protein intake you need to get there!

This is essential information,  and you won’t see anything else like this anywhere on the Internet….

And it’s all accompanied by a how-to video which explains everything you could possibly need to know about using the nutrition software.

In addition, the Adonis Meal System guide gives you a suggested meal plan for every single meal throughout your 12 weeks’ Adonis program! (This option is available for purchase at a small additional charge.)

Balancing Work Outs On Every Part Of Your Body

Down the left-hand side of the Adonis exercise calculator page you’ll see a menu which offers special exercises for different parts of the body: arms and abs, back, calf, chest, legs and shoulders.

These specialist workouts are called “booster workouts”, and the objective is to fine tune any part of your body which is proving resistant to the overall Adonis program.

So for example, the “Arms and Abs Assault” is explained by John Barban like this: “Every guy wants great arms, which are a visible sign of strength and masculinity. Apart from looking great, they send out an awesome signal to prospective partners, and they put the finishing detailed were well rounded muscular physique…. using advanced muscle building techniques, and clever work out strategies to force extra growth into your arms, this will result in biceps and triceps having a full, pumped look. And the abs section of this download will flatten and tighten your midsection to build deep abdominal definition.”

This is amazing! Why? Because the selection of workouts for particular parts of your body can really power you ahead when you are building  a great body.

You get fantastic specialist information for particular parts of the body as well as a program of overall body development!

And remember, because the Adonis Golden Ratio is personalized to your exact needs, be they fat loss, muscle building, or a combination of both, you won’t go wrong with your diet when losing weight and body building.

Nutritional Supplements

The Adonis Golden Ratio supplementation guides tell you exactly which supplements you need to achieve massive success with your chosen program (remember, that could be muscle gain, fat loss, or fat loss and muscle gain).

There’s also a program of supplementation for maintaining your ideal body when you’ve achieved it.

But the Adonis Nutritional Supplements Guide isn’t just a guide to supplements that you should buy: it explains exactly which supplements will help you with your goals and precisely why.

The Adonis Final Phase – An Optional Extra Purchase For That Final Push!


The Final Phase is another AGR System available to buy in your member’s area.

Like all the other parts of this program, it comes as a downloadable PDF file — or, to be exact, three PDF files.

These are eBooks that give you the lowdown on truly advanced muscle gain, fat loss and muscle maintenance strategies.

The Final Phase is designed for guys who are close to their ideal Adonis ratio using the 12 weeks system, but who now want to take the next step.

That’s the Final Phase, and it uses sophisticated training and nutrition strategies to build more muscle, and lose the last bit of body fat.

To quote John Barban: “If you thought the body you got from your first 12 weeks was great, you’re going to be blown away (and so is everyone who sees you!)”

This is for the guys who want to push a little bit further than the average – which might be you after you’ve completed the first 12 weeks of the program! (Why not?)

Sure, you need to work out five times per week with advanced techniques and clever protocols that will keep your body developing in the right way. Sure, it takes extra effort. But then again, what price looking good and feeling fine?

Of course, it’s your call whether you take it on or not. But, if you really want to refine your appearance, maybe the Final Phase is for you! 

Click here to find out about The Adonis Final Phase!

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