A Review Of The Adonis “Final Phase”

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John Romaniello is a weightlifting guy who has written a New York Times bestselling book, Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, Today! And he is clearly an experienced body builder with a lot of expertise and knowledge.

Even better, he’s a fan of John Barban, and he recommends the Adonis program on his website.

When asked directly if he endorses this program, John answers: “I like it. The way John explained it to me,” he says, “the program was designed so that people can do it at home…. and feel free to throw in some of the exercises from my YouTube channel!”

He then goes on to recommend the Adonis Index System as he answers people’s questions about how it works.

Of course, the best place to go for a review of the Adonis Golden Ratio is the bodybuilding.com forum: and the first thing I found there is an official review from a registered user who actually knows what he’s talking about.

I like his approach too: he starts by saying that one of the things which diet and muscle building guides fail to tell the eager buyer is that purchasing a program is not a magic pill: your best intentions have to be accompanied by hard work and dedication.

Adonis involves gym work
Just in case you thought it was all very easy – there is a bit of work involved!

I mean, if you’re serious about building a better body, you’ll know that already.

And he says that the Adonis Golden Ratio program has the tools to give you “the physique of your dreams” – provided you bring a good mindset, one that will help you succeed.

He also comments that Adonis is the only muscle building program with a direct focus on the ideal proportions of the male body — the proportions that give a man a visually pleasing look.

That’s probably why Adonis has achieved such massive success – that and the fact that it’s written in a way which means you don’t have to be an ardent bodybuilder to enjoy it and to use it.

In fact, you can add lean muscle mass to the right place in your body even if you know nothing about weight training, exercise and bodybuilding right now.

Next this reviewer goes on to say that the Adonis Golden Ratio is a very good, in-depth system with complete guidance from three different programs and specialized software.

We know that much already — I mentioned above that you can use Adonis to build lean muscle mass, lose fat, or a combination of both, and the system will tell you which program you need to use. (And of course it also gives you a personalized diet plan.)

Stripping the fat off your body and adding muscle to the weakest parts of your body is known as the Adonis effect, because it’s going to give you the appearance of the Golden Ratio.

That’s the famous proportions of the body parts, one to one another, which look most masculine, and apparently are most attractive to women.

Video: what women like in a man’s body

Importantly, this reviewer confirms that everything the Adonis Index system tells you is spot on: for example, it teaches you how to correctly take your measurements so that you know how near or how far away you are from the ideal golden ratio.

It tells you why you should ditch heavy deadlifts and weighted crunches. It explains the concept of symmetrical growth, and how that relates to losing fat and adding muscle. Importantly, it explains why you should never bulk.

And most importantly of all, it gives you the customized 12 week training program we’ve already mentioned, with a personal nutrition program, and full information about the supplements you might need to take to achieve your goals.

And by the way, as the reviewer points out, Adonis Golden Ratio also explains which supplements are a complete waste of money. That’s extremely important, because often supplement usage is promoted purely for commercial gain. 

This reviewer sums up the advantages of John Barban’s Adonis Index as follows:

1. The information is easy to follow.
I’ve seen a lot of programs on the market for muscle building that are just chaotic and you can’t really follow them. The combination of PDF downloads, MP3s, online material and videos in the Adonis Golden Ratio makes it easy to read even though there’s a ton of content. And the fact that it’s written in a well structured way makes it easy to follow and you can use the how-to videos to make it even easier for yourself.

  • 2. The software provided with the Adonis Golden Ratio is unique.
  • Like I already said, the first software program calculates your current measurements, allows you to identify your goals, and tells you which program can help you achieve those goals fastest.
  • The second piece of software is about nutrition and calorie intake, and, as I’ve already said, you can use the output from this to determine what you eat – then use the recipes in the appropriate meal plans to produce a week’s menus.
  • It’s completely customized — it’s not a “one for all” type program, which is a massive drawback with so many programs on the market. John Barban really has scored highly here, in providing software that customizes every aspect of the program for you individually.

3. You get unlimited access to the community, where you can get help with any issues you are facing.

4. You get bonus material which supports and enhances the basic Adonis Golden Ratio guide. One of the guides is entitled Seven Days Out – originally written as a guide for men entering bodybuilding competitions or magazine shoots. But you can use it to do a 7 day “tuning” of your body. This lets you appear as attractive as possible in 7 days, so that if you’re going on holiday, say, you can get extra “wow factor”! Another free guide is “17 Cheat Foods That Burn Fat”!

Disadvantages Of The Adonis Index?

Well to be honest, there aren’t really any disadvantages to The Adonis Golden Ratio.

Perhaps there’s too much emphasis on getting a perfect body in 12 weeks — you know, it might take longer than that! Maybe. However, there are plenty of guys in the forums who speak dramatic and radical changes to their body, giving them the appearance they desired in only 12 weeks.they desired in only 12 weeks.

The Adonis Final Phase Training Program
(Available For Purchase As An Extra Item Above The Basic Cost)

After using the Adonis Golden Ratio system
After using the Adonis Golden Ratio system you could look like this… (similar to but not a real user photo – they are all copyrighted!)

The Adonis Final Phase comes in three parts:

  • The Final Phase Training Program
  • The Final Phase Nutrition Program
  • and the Final Phase Supplement Plan.

Once again, you get comprehensive information you can access wherever you are, information that will give you fantastic results with both muscle building workouts and fat loss.

Now, I haven’t taken this 12 week “Final Phase” training program, so I’m not qualified to comment on the techniques it describes. Also, please note it comes at a modest additional cost to the basic program.

What I can tell you is that it gives you a 12 week, day-by-day training program, with the flow sets and reps described in detail, again with video illustration of each of the exercises that the program specifies.

It’s based on three rep tempos

(1) Using Power –– in which you simply push as hard as you can, a style of rep applied to your heaviest lifts. The idea is to push the weight with the intention of moving as fast as possible — even though it may be so heavy you can only move slowly.

(2) 1-P-2 which means one second on the concentric phase (the actual lifting, pressing or pulling of the weight), a pause for one second at the exertion points of the lift, and a two second eccentric or negative (that is lowering the weight or returning back to the starting position).

(3) Flow Sets – which are done rhythmically and continuously, using your muscle like a piston to move up and down in a fluid motion, without stopping at the top or bottom. That way, a set becomes one giant rep moving at a good pace.

Sophisticated stuff! Successful stuff. The best that money can buy? Well, you decide.

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