Adonis Gives You A Great Male Body!

Updated: August 2016!

Welcome To This Genuine Adonis Golden Ratio Review!!!

The first thing to explain is where the word “Adonis” comes from and what the term “Golden Ratio” means. 

First of all, Adonis was the Greek God of beauty. All the women fell for him. One reason they liked him so much was that was he had an ideal body shape (apart from the small advantage of being a God!) 

And for any man, that ideal body shape consists of a particular ratio of shoulder width to hip width, and torso length to overall height.

For simplicity, the ideal body shape is defined by what’s called “The Adonis Golden Ratio” –  which is the ratio of your waist circumference compared to your shoulder circumference.

When you get this ratio right, you will have the best, most attractive male body shape – regardless of your height and overall size. Because, big or small, there’s a body shape which will make you look great! In fact, it will make you look like an Adonis.

photo of muscular man and good looking woman walking on the beachSo why does this matter?

The answer is very simple. The shape of the male body is a sexual selection factor: women subconsciously use it to distinguish between men.

They are more attracted to the ones with a certain body shape. It’s a fact, proven by scientific research!* 

What this means is that if your physique conforms to the Golden Ratio you’ll not only look good and feel great, but you’ll be more attractive to women as well.

In fact, you’ll probably be irresistible to women!

So let me explain how you can achieve these results.

The Adonis Weight Loss & Fitness Program 

The first step to achieve the “golden ratio” physique is to have the desire to build a better body, to look good…. and for that you need motivation.

Let’s face it, the motivation for most guys is about looking good, losing weight, losing their belly, and being more attractive to women.

And after that, of course, you need a GREAT diet and exercise program that you can follow, containing GREAT training information that’s easy to understand and even easier to put into practice.

With those two factors working in combination – your intention and your desire, combined with the right information, you’ll become irresistible and unstoppable.

*(Check it out here.)

So Which Is The Best Training Program?

You’ll be glad to know that John Barban and Kyle Leon, who are the premier fitness specialists on the Internet, being experts in nutrition, weight loss, supplementation, exercise and muscle building, have together developed this incredible, scientifically proven formula that will absolutely transform the male body from “average” to astonishing in 90 days or less.

Make no mistake about it, the Adonis Program is an absolute revelation in body building & weight loss for men.

Yes, the fact of the matter is simple – this astounding system will give any man the body shape that women simply can’t resist being attracted to… and all you have to do is stick with the program. So how easy is it?

The Adonis program has an astounding success rate, over 95% – and the guys who fail are the ones with no determination or backbone! And that doesn’t include you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here looking at this right now, would you?

Like I said, the Adonis system was named after the Greek god of male beauty and, let me add, sexual desire.


This is completely correct, as you can see when you look at the photos of guys who have used the Adonis system.




The Adonis Experience!

The Adonis system is unbeatable. Anyone can succeed with it.

You might be flabby, large waisted, and ashamed of your body. But with a body shaped by the golden ratio, you WILL attract looks from the really hot girls where ever you go. This is what men have always dreamed about! Well, it ain’t a dream any longer! 

me and sarah at the beach after using the adonis fitness program

So…. the entire Adonis fitness program is built around the creation of the ideal body proportions. The body proportions men need to attract women.

The body proportions men need to attract admiring glances from other men, to succeed, to have confidence.

And the amazing thing is, every single man on this planet has the same genetic code instilled in every cell of his body.

That’s the genetic code that has the power to release the Golden Ratio, the tapered physique that women are subconsciously attracted to (without even knowing why… though actually it’s because it signals to a woman that the man is a fit and healthy man, and will produce good children).

In fact, this whole ideal body size / ratio thing gives you a massive head start over the rest of the guys in the dating, mating and relationship market. When you have it, that is….

So this particular program, this one fitness program among all other fitness programs, is going to unlock your genetic code and build you an Adonis body.

More than that, this program is customized for YOU – which means you can achieve your exact golden ratio physique using a personally tailored workout plan and nutrition guide.


What can YOU get from The Adonis Program?

The truth of the matter is that with the Adonis golden ratio, you are going to absolutely demonstrate your true fitness potential, you’re going to unleash your innate, natural power, and you’re going to get so fit and fabulous-looking that your attractiveness will go through the roof. 

So will your confidence, and your success with women.

Just knowing about the golden ratio – and the the Adonis program which can give it to you – are two of the best assets you can ever have if you really want to get the ultimate male physique.

Let me tell you again, you get a customized workout plan and a customised nutrition plan when you join the system.

What that means is that after only a few weeks using the exercises and nutrition plans your body will be transformed – in fact, it you’re going to be 100 times more attractive to women than when you started the program.

Join The Adonis Community For Total Support

When you join, you get software, DVDs, eBooks…. a community to support you… downloadable videos…. unlimited help and support from the program staff, apps for your phone to download the software or the personalized exercise programs (so you can take ’em to the gym on your phone!) and much, much more.

Best of all, you get a personalized weight loss, exercise and nutrition plan.

But, to be practical, after you purchase the Adonis Fitness Program, the first thing you do is calculate your own Adonis Index (that’s the same as your Golden Ratio).

That will show you how far away from having the true Adonis body shape you currently are.

And then, you’ll use John Barban’s downloadable software, which is included with the program, to produce the exact body building and exercise program that you need for your personal physique as it stands right now.

In the Adonis fitness training guide you will find some amazing things:

  • An amazing, almost unbelievable, yet totally genuine trick that makes your body produce human growth hormone (hGH) – and that, as you might know, is the key to creating fast muscle gain, and losing fat even faster!
  • The exercises you must never do, AS THEY ARE COMPLETELY COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE
  • An astounding 78 advanced exercise video lessons for you to choose from on DVD or downloadable

The Adonis Nutrition Program

Not only do you get some great software to calculate your ideal Adonis workout plan, you actually get even more software called The “Golden Ratio Nutritional Software” which makes sure that your nutrition plan is absolutely tailored to your Adonis Index.

That means it shows you exactly what you need to do eat to build the body that you want – with no mistakes and nothing to hold you back.

Yes, incredible though it sounds, your entire diet is actually designed for you, based on your precise Adonis Index, which will rocket your progress towards lean muscle gain and fast, simple, effective fat loss.

Just imagine it: no more struggling with diets, no more tedious exercises, no more working out till you drop in a sweaty gym filled with macho men!

Instead – a pleasant, challenging, totally achievable system that will get you the body you want. Fast.

Nutritional Supplementation

John Barban is the supreme expert on nutritional supplements.

In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say he is the world leader in the field of nutritional supplements.

He’s worked with some of the biggest companies on earth, and he knows what he’s talking about.

He knows which supplements are necessary, and he knows which supplements are not needed – even counter-productive.

The very fact that he reveals this information is testimony to his integrity and honesty.

He’s honest about supplements in the Adonis program, through and through, and he never tries to sell you anything you don’t need. What he does is give you information – the facts, pure and simple.

And where nutritional supplements can help you, he explains why and then gives you the choice whether to buy them or not.

Bonus #1: the Adonis Abs and Arms Assault

Forget the crazy name, get down to the reality. And the reality is that this is a four week program that gives you the most advanced possible muscle building tricks, tips and techniques, so that your arms put on inches of lean muscle, and at the same time you chisel out well-defined abs.

That’s the kind of body that every man wants. That’s the kind of body that every woman wants, too.

Bonus #2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades

When you know about John Barban, you’ll find he has degrees in sports science, nutrition, physiology and exercise sports science. He is well qualified and constantly upgrades the information he provides. You get all the upgrades and improvements that John offers, throughout your membership, at no extra cost! 

Bonus #3: 7 Days Out (From Kyle Leon)

Kyle Leon is John Barban’s business partner, another best selling author, and a fitness expert in demand throughout the world because of his expertise.

His bonus shows you exactly how you can achieve a much more muscular appearance, looking 10 – 20 pounds more muscular inside a week. Incredible? Yes. Is the Adonis Golden ratio totally genuine? Yes – if you put the work in, set your goals, and work at it. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? 

What more could you want?