Does Adonis Golden Ratio Really Work? A Review

So does The Adonis System really work?

Obvious answer: it depends on you and your motivation.

This guy has used the Adonis system
Looking like this is not just a dream when you use the Adonis Index system

If you’re motivated there is no better weight loss / training / body building program on the Internet. In fact not even working with a personal trainer is better than the Adonis Golden Ratio system for men.

The Adonis Meal Systems

Obviously, if you’re trying to reshape your body using a combination of diet and exercise, nutrition is clearly critical. In other words, you have to get it right.

The authors of the Adonis system know there are many demands on your time, including working out with the Adonis Golden Ratio.

That’s why they make it easy to calculate meal plans so you consume the right number of calories and the right amount of protein every day.

The Adonis team have come up with a “virtual nutritionist”, a cunning system which lets you count your calories and monitor your fat intake and fat loss.

And it even works out the calories you need to sustain your gains and improvements!

The recipes which this system provides are specifically designed for each of the different body types in men who might be taking the Adonis plan.

So you start by using the Virtual Nutritionist to work out what your requirements actually are, and then you look at the meal plans which match your requirements.

The meal plan will give you different breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including snacks, with crystal clear information about calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake for each and every meal, on each and every day of the 12 week basic Adonis cycle.

Yes – that’s 84 different daily meal plans. WOW!

And what’s more, the recipes are fast and easy to make — and very tasty! We’re talking steak, stroganoff, and barbecue recipes, not endless cold boiled chicken!

dreamstime_s_36354545 dreamstime_s_35953991 dreamstime_s_28997443

You can eat exactly what you like in the right sized portions.

As you’ll see when you look at the calorie counter and meal planner, you can even substitute the foods you want to eat more of, for the ones given in the meal plans, and still retain the calorie, protein, and fat content for the meal you’re eating.

That’s a great advantage, and it means you’ll never get bored with what you’re making / eating / enjoying.

And these meal plans also give you the opportunity to increase or de crease the amount of calories, protein, and fat you consume every day according to your specific requirements, with some simple instructions that make it dead easy to swap things around.

There are stews and stroganoffs, grilled meats, delicious salads, and all kinds of wraps, tortillas, smoothies, fried meat, roast meat…. this is delicious food, easily prepared, and completely in tune with your specific objectives as you target your own Golden Ratio (also called Golden Index)! Fantastic!

The whole idea of the nutrition plan is to get the body you want without any unnecessary work.

Get the right nutrition plan and it all becomes much easier.
Get the right nutrition plan and it all becomes much easier.

And of course that doesn’t mean that you just sit back and do nothing — but it does mean that you never have to do excess exercise or start dieting!

You’re eating exactly what you need for the most efficient fat loss and lean body muscle gain.

This idea is actually much simpler than you might imagine.

So if you start off with 50 pounds of excess fat, then clearly your strategies can be focused on fat loss – that’s pretty obvious.

On the other hand, say you were really skinny, and you didn’t have much muscle, then your nutrition plan is going to ensure you eat lots of protein and enough calories to build more body mass.

In this case, it wouldn’t be about eating for increased muscle definition — at least to start with — it wouldn be more about increasing overall body weight.

Therefore, as you get nearer your ideal body target, you might have to adjust your nutrition strategy — but no problem there, because Adonis Golden Ratio’s nutrition plan will show you how to do that easily, quickly and simply.

And as for a surprise – well, I discovered that the nutritional guide goes well beyond just calculating protein and carbohydrate and fat levels.

Lose Weight Fast With Adonis Systems!

Adonis’s vital nutrition guide contains several sections with vital information. Take “Carb sensitivity” for example. That’s all about testing how many veggies you can eat at any one time without suffering from bloating and discomfort.

There’s a section on grains — because different people can tolerate different amounts and combinations of grains. Yes, even though they provide you with protein, you may find that you’re sensitive to the gluten in certain grains.

If, for example, you’re sensitive to wheat gluten, you might find a certain amount of bread every day makes you begin to feel lethargic — which is hardly an ideal state for training at the gym.

So there’s a section here on how you can test your sensitivity to wheat and various other grains, which is pretty important if you want to make your training as easy as possible.

Check out the rest of this information in the post below.

Well, Does It Work? The Facts Reviewed!

Nutrient Timing

As you go through your Adonis workout routines, and as your body reaches various levels of development, the time of day that you eat your food will affect both how you look, and impact how easy it is for you to work out.

To take just one example of this, you might find you can handle processed sugar early in the day rather than later.

Now although there aren’t many hard and fast rules, the guidelines in the Adonis Golden Ratio nutrition program should allow you to efficiently navigate around these sensitive areas of timing.

John Barban also provides a fascinating account of what he calls a relaxed approach to nutrition.

What he means is this: while your body goals are strictly defined, the way you get there from a nutrition standpoint can be much looser and “free-flowing”.

In fact, the main thing is to take account of your calories and your daily protein total.

So in the first 12 weeks of the Adonis Index program, things are little bit stricter; after that, you can relax into a set of looser nutrition guidelines which will allow you to maintain your body shape without restrictive nutrition principles.

As John Barban says, “The final goal should be that you essentially forget about exactly what you’re eating … and come up with a pattern that fits with your current life … and gets you close to your ideal measurements.”

And of course this all becomes second nature to you once you’ve learned what your body needs. Then, you master it at a subconscious level, and having worked out what’s best to you, you never have to think about it again.

There’s a lot more information in this Adonis Golden Ratio System nutrition guide, which I’m not going to go into here, but I will just mention some of the other subjects that John Barban covers:

  • Truly a comprehensive guide to nutrition to any aspiring “bodybuilder” – even for men like us, who are not bodybuilders, but want a great body shape!

The Exercise Gallery

This is another downloadable PDF, which gives you more information about every exercise in the complete Adonis system! 

You get these superb exercises online on video and as part of an eBook — and it’s extremely valuable to have this visual reference, particularly when the exercises are that little bit more complicated, because it makes them so easy to follow!!


The Gauntlet

And there are several more advanced programs available for a small charge – the first is The Gauntlet.

So of course you know what “running the gauntlet” means? Pushing through some kind of challenging situation, yes?

And The Adonis Golden Ratio Gauntlet System works for men who really want to bring their body up to the standard where it is good enough for peak athletic conditioning (think Olympic standard) or when it’s in the the shape needed for professional or amateur bodybuilding competitions or photo shoots.

And yes, this certainly not for everyone, because it’s intense and challenging, and probably way beyond what most guys want to achieve with the Adonis Index.

But, if you’re interested in taking bodybuilding to the max, this is the best way to do it. In fact, the Adonis Gauntlet programs give you everything you need to get there.

It is, as John Barban says, ” pretty challenging stuff”.

Enough said! It’s a 12 week program, and it’s very demanding. But then, like everything, if you want the results, you have to put the effort in!

Adonis IXP Workout

And what’s this? Again, something you can buy additional to the basic program, it’s for men who want to develop greater levels of muscularity, athleticism, and leanness.

Like all the Adonis programs, it contains the precise exercises, the precise reps and sets, and the exact rest periods, that you need to ensure you can build on the work you’ve already done in the basic Adonis Index system. It will give you the greatest muscle strength, endurance and athleticism.

Again, it’s probably far more advanced than most guys would need. Here’s an extract:

IXP is our next-generation workout program for Adonis guys who have completed Final Phase and aren’t ready to stop just yet. 

As part of our Legacy Systems workouts, IXP gives you the opportunity to carry on the momentum you’ve built during Final Phase but gives you the opportunity to choose how you progress with specialist advanced training protocols.

IXP is named after the way the program is structured around three cycles. Here’s what you’ll get and why it’s for you.

  • Cycle 1: Intermittent super sets
  • Cycle 2: X-sets
  • Cycle 3: Progressive tri-pyramids

Each cycle uses different techniques to build muscular hypertrophy, strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. The cycles end with an over-reaching peak week which utilizes Fibonacci pyramids to challenge your body in a new way and to get it prepared for the start of the new phase. Through each cycle, we’ll give you exact exercises, set schemes, rep ranges and rest periods.

IXP is John Barban at his best, designing a program which uses the latest, best researched and most effective advanced training principles for athletic muscle gain and fat burning.

Background Information On The Adonis Golden Ratio!

The Adonis Golden Ratio complete system includes some books that explain the whole background to the system. They come as eBooks, PDF downloads, and podcasts.

The first is The Adonis Golden Ratio FAQ

Every guy who’s using Adonis Weight Loss or Adonis Exercise Plans needs this ebook.

Not only is this the background to the theory behind the golden ratio, but it also helps you understand the entire Adonis system.

It adds to your understanding of which program you need to use, which workouts you need to use, which nutrition plans would be best for you.

This is the kind 101 primer that gives you a head start before you jump into the world of Adonis. It primes you with knowledge and motivation as you begin developing a body that conforms to the ideal proportions.

It includes podcasts, blog posts and articles to give you a clear view of everything that is available within Adonis.

Part 1 gives you an introduction to the entire Adonis team, their qualifications, their philosophy, and explains all about the Adonis Golden Ratio metrics and the Adonis community.

Part 2 gives you the low-down about training and muscle growth: it explains what causes muscle growth, how diet plays into muscle growth, and the difference between gaining weight and gaining muscle.

There are there are podcasts and articles which explain

  • The Difference Between Training and Conditioning
  • Muscle Building
  • What Is Muscle Growth?
  • Protein Synthesis and Muscle Growth
  • What does “Building Muscle” Mean?
  • How Big Can Your Muscles Grow?
  • Has Bulking Ever Worked for You? Try The Opposite!
  • Permission To Get Light To Get Lean

Part 3 gives you the lowdown on workout structures, and tells you which one is good for you. The whole e-book is full of links that are bang on target to answer the questions that every man who’s building a better body wants to know.

• Home Gym for Adonis Index Workouts
• How Many Hours Per Week
• Natural or on Roids?
• Direct Forearm Work for Size
• Setting Up a Home Gym
• Important and Essential Module Questions
• Weights vs Cardio, Another BS Myth?
• How Important Is Strength REALLY
• Maximum Muscle Mass Potential
• High rep X low weight vs. Low rep X heavy weight!

Part 4 explains more about weight loss and its relationship to cardiovascular training, interval training and general good health.

Again there are links to podcasts and articles that explain everything from what type of cardiovascular training is best for “How to lose [up to ] 60 pounds in 12 weeks”!

Part 5 is an explanation of the mysteries of calorie counting, nutrition and diet.

It explains the Adonis Golden Ratio nutritional calculator, the meal plans, and the science of staying healthy while you train for a better body.

Here are some of the questions answered and subjects covered:

  • Can You Build Muscle Without Eating Meat?
  • Achieve Under 10% Body Fat While Eating The Foods You Love
  • Ideal Metabolism
  • What is Scientific Research?
  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine…Not Thy Drug Community
  • Favorite 500 Calorie Meals
  • Body Efficiency and Low Calorie Diet
  • One Meal a Day
  • John Barban and John Berardi
  • Building and Gaining Fat
  • Debunking Nutritional Ideas
  • Why Is It Hard to Maintain A Six Pack?
  • What Stops You Losing ALL Your Fat?

• Why a Calorie Isn’t Always a Calorie

Part 6 is a guide to supplements.

As you know, the Adonis Golden Ratio System divides men into three categories: those who need to focus on

1 Muscle Building or
2 Fat Loss or
3 Muscle Building and Fat Loss

Since those are different goals, each category has a slightly different supplement recommendations. You can read the correct guide to supplements for your objectives to avoid spending money on things you don’t need.

John Barban adds: “As for supplements in general, you don’t need them to get in shape. HOWEVER, if  you are smart about it, supplements can help you tremendously – pack on extra lean mass, help you to easily meet your protein and vitamin needs, provide the needed energy boost before workout, help with low testosterone or make fat loss more enjoyable.”

Section 7 is about the reasons for going to the gym. It also describes the social benefits of an ideal body. And even though most guys refuse to publicly say so, building a better body is often not only about feeling better about themselves, but also about growing rocksolid confidence, feeling attractive and desirable, and getting respect from others (especially women)!

Whether you like it or not, the way you look and the form of your body does determine how people see you – and treat you. And you can do something about this –  you can make it work to your advantage!

Why not look at the articles and podcasts that tell you all about this?

• How To Build Muscle And Social Dominance At The Same Time
• Change Your Body And Change Your Life
• Changing Your Look Changes Your Game (With Women)
• How To Find Confidence
• 3 Dirty Lies of Chasing “Confidence”

The rest of this book, sections 8 to 12, are motivational sections that explain how you can make your goals come true, how you can fit fitness training in with your lifestyle, how you can keep up your motivation, and finally, what’s wrong with mainstream advice about body building and fitness training.

Valuable information like this doesn’t come along very often, and it’s essential to anybody who’s getting fit and and wants to look good because of it!

Read on for more below.

Other Books With Adonis

The Adonis Theory Of Ideal Body Proportions 

The theory behind the Adonis Golden Ratio is available as an eBook exclusively for the Adonis community.

And in fact this is how it all started: with John Barban and Brad Howard’s basic research into the Adonis Golden Ratio, and especially why it’s important for men and how to achieve a body which conforms to that ratio.

The entire Adonis team have contributed to this 167 page manual — it’s literally a blueprint for a different way of life. It’s the blueprint for making yourself into the successful, fit, healthy man you want to be – a man with a great body shape, and the confidence to match.

It’s an explanation of why the old school body building approach just doesn’t work and over time can even harm your physique and health.

Nowadays, maintaining a lean and muscular physique with the perfect proportions for your personal body shape is a much better approach to looking good and feeling great!

And that makes you more desirable to sexual partners!


(Body image issues can affect men too.)

When you read this book you’ll see and hear why Adonis systems have been so successful for so many thousands of men worldwide!

John Barban’s approach is to provide a comprehensive system which will be around to support you in achieving your goals around weight loss for as long as you need it.

Also, you’ll find as your body changes, your confidence increases, you get a better attitude, you gain respect, you succeed in business and you enjoy fantastic relationships, and, not least, you succeed in sex.

John Barban’s own story is pretty extraordinary: he tells how he went on his own journey from skinny kid in college to massively enhanced bodybuilder, using steroids on the way to help him gain mass. The pressure on boys to look good can be as great as it is on girls.

Body image issues affect both sexes
Body image issues affect both sexes

And changing when he realized that, as he says, “There is a very tightly controlled limit to the amount of muscle size your body can gain from weight training…. The problems arise when you fail to accept your genetic limits and continue to strive for an unrealistic ideal of muscle size and bodyweight that is simply unattainable without drugs. This unrealistic ideal is created by the mix of body images we see on fitness models, bodybuilders, pro athletes and celebrities…. I will argue that most of them are using some sort of drugs that you are not willing to use and therefore the size and condition that you see is not attainable without using the same drugs.”

And that’s the whole point — you DO NOT have to be big to look good. Very good. All you have to do is achieve the ideal body shape for your size. The ideal ratio of fat to muscle for your size. That’s what Adonis is all about.

And that’s why the Adonis Golden Ratio is your blueprint to personal success.

Golden Ratio Videos

There’s a section which contains videos on every exercise in the Adonis system: look at the list below! This is just part of what’s on offer!

You may well wonder what the Adonis golden ratio actually is.

Well, the golden ratio is a slightly metaphysical concept which refers to the ideal proportions of a living or man-made body.

And that includes the human male body! So a male body in ideal proportion is said to conform to the golden ratio, or the golden index.

You may wonder what ideal proportions of the male body represent — and the answer is probably that they represent the thing that is most attractive to women to subconscious, genetic level.

Sexual Selection & Body Size

Which of these do you think a woman would prefer?

Before and after pictures of The Adonis Golden Ratio
Before and after pictures of training for fitness and body shape

You see, many male characteristics are sexually selected, in other words, they are favored by women because they indicate reproductive fitness.

I’m not suggesting that all our decisions about who we get together with, and who we raise children with, are determined by evolutionary biology and sexual selection, but it’s certainly a factor in our genetic evolution, and it must still be a factor in the way we operate today.

Therefore it follows that developing a body which conforms to this ideal ratio of hip width to shoulder width and torso length to shoulder width must give you some kind of social or sexual advantage as a man.

Even allowing for the fact that this ideal ratio, known as the Adonis Index Ratio, or the Adonis Golden Ratio, does have some predetermined selection, it’s also necessary to acknowledge that there are many other factors which women find attractive in men.

However, I don’t think this is the whole story — having a fat belly hanging over your pants waistband is unattractive at the best of times, and if you’re seeking to get into a relationship, or seeking to establish social and sexual success, then a lack of physical attractiveness is a distinct disadvantage.

Now, out of the Adonis Index measurement system comes the Adonis Golden Ratio weight loss and body building system for men, courtesy of John Barban.

Besides which, if the Adonis golden ratio system allows you to lose weight as easily as it claims, then why would you look anywhere else for a way to lose fat and build muscle?

Nobody wants to go through the fanatical bodybuilding that we see in gyms, with endless repetitions of tedious, exhausting, and possibly injury-inducing, exercises.

Nobody wants to pound away endlessly on cardiovascular exercise machines, exhausting themselves and potentially tearing the muscle fibres in such a way that they remain damaged and fail to heal.

Nobody wants to pound away endlessly on cardiovascular exercise machines, exhausting themselves, and inducing hormonal disturbance, low testosterone, high corticosteroids, and physical illness.

No, the ideal way to get a perfect body that is attractive to women and men alike, and gives you recognition as some kind of alpha male, is to use a program like the Adonis golden ratio which actually enables you to lose weight sensibly.

Even better, this happens at a fairly quick rate — like, for example, losing 12 pounds in 10 weeks – so you can shape your body, develop muscular strength and good physique, and increase your confidence with women.

The Golden Ratio can help you socially

dreamstime_s_18303342Of course all weight loss programs have rivals.

You may have heard of the V shaped shortcut, you may have heard of the beach body system, you may have heard of P90X, and you may have heard of Insanity.

dreamstime_s_4461083These are all rival programs which have been reviewed extensively on the Internet, and have massive popular followings.

The reason I’m recommending the Adonis Golden Ratio is because it’s actually written by a man who has extraordinary qualifications in the field of weight loss, bodybuilding, nutrition, supplementation and dietary control. That man is John Barban.

My extra tips? Well, look out for the Adonis community forums, which offer extraordinary levels of support, the calorie counter and the nutrition plan, which you can download onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and the exercise program which is specially tailored to your objectives and requirements….

History Of The Adonis Golden Ratio

If you’re considering signing up for the Adonis system, you may be wondering what on earth the Adonis Golden Ratio concept of “Ideal Body Proportions” is all about. Let’s find out…. 

A Bit Of History – Adonis 101

This story started when author John Barban began to work out in his late teens.

By the time he went to college he’d been working out for about two years — as he says, he was feeling pretty good about himself.

John’s goal was to get to 200 pounds – at that time a big deal for him because he was 6 feet tall and weighed 150 pounds.

And sure, he liked how he felt when when he got to 200 pounds.

But …. many guys at the gym who were bigger and stronger than him exerted, as he puts it,  a “magnetic lure” over him – so he reset his mentality, as he also puts it, to a goal of weighing 250 pounds,  with really big arms and a huge chest.

But Is This Normal?

men-on-steroidsNo. It’s common, but it’s not normal. In fact, it’s called body dysmorphic disorder. It’s a problem for some bodybuilders: a belief that no matter how big they are, or how muscular they are, they never quite big enough or muscular enough.

Its other name is “bigorexia“!

So there is the frustrated young John Barban, wanting to get bigger and bigger, more muscular than ever, and studying everything that he could to find out what would help him on the way. And then – a big shock!

One of the heaviest and most muscular guys around admitted to him that it was impossible to get that big – as big as John wanted to be – without using steroids.

And so, you can guess what happened! John started using steroids.

To those who asked how he was getting such amazing results with bodybuilding, he says he fed them “the same BS lines the fitness magazines fed him – it’s the amino acids, the protein, the supplements, the amazing workouts”. Except, of course, it wasn’t. It was the drugs.


By the time he got to 260 pounds and lifting more weight than just about anyone in the gym, the only question that John needed answering was “how to find the best drugs”!

But Is Adonis Drug Free? Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes.

So clearly, as you might have gathered from my review of the Adonis golden ratio, to achieve your ideal golden index ratio, you’ve got to accept that you’re not necessarily going to be big.

You’ve got to accept that you could be light. As John rightly observes,  many men are trapped in a cycle of discontent with their bodies and believe they need to be heavier than they are. And as he rightly says it is simply not true.

Adonis Golden Exercise systems
Great looking guy with correct balance of body building and exercise – you don’t have to be big to look good.

Gaining weight just for he sake of gaining weight is unnecessary and very unhealthy.

It’s also false and unrealistic, because there is a genetically predetermined amount of muscle that you can put on.

Once you put that amount of muscle on, it’s impossible to go on any further without using steroids.

That unrealistic ideal is the product of the body images which seem to be so popular among fanatical bodybuilders, celebrities, fitness models and so on.

And a huge number of them are using drugs which are actually destroying their health, even as they achieve their outlandish weight gain and body holding goals.

So the key to the Adonis Golden Ratio is that you’re not going to use images of other people as your target.

dreamstime_s_38234730Great results with Adonis

Great results with Adonis – take it as far as you want to go!

In any event, as John also points out, most BIG guys are carrying at least 20 or 30 pounds of fat which they need to lose.

To be in really great shape, you need to shed the fat so that your muscle can show through.

This is the great benefit of the Adonis Golden Ratio: it gives you a full set of six pack abs, sharply defined muscles, and separates triceps, biceps, chest shoulders, and back muscles so that they all stand out. And you can achieve that without getting heavy.

It’s not about the weight! It’s about weight plus shape!


Before and after pictures of The Adonis Golden Ratio
Pictures designed to show  how The Adonis Golden Ratio can help you….

So step aside from the goals and objectives of the freaks among the bodybuilders and a diet and fitness industries. Driving their bodies to build incredible amounts of muscle is a route to nowhere. In fact, Barban calls them “a fringe group of eccentrics”.

As he rightly says, extreme bodybuilders and fitness models go to places that are in fact as far as you can get from really healthy.

So the question is: “What can you do with the Adonis Golden Ratio that doesn’t take you to a place of drug use and antisocial, obsessive-compulsive eating habits? What, in short, allows you to keep a normal lifestyle and still look great?”

John Barban’s answer is very clear: follow the advice and learnings of the scientific community. There is, after all, solid scientific research that clearly explains what works and what doesn’t.

To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you use in exercise.

To build muscle, you must do progressive resistance training over time. Those are the facts.

Fortunately John Barban stopped using steroids when he realized he was on a never-ending cycle of use and abuse. But that started an even more intense search for ways in which he could look good safely.

It’s fair to say Barban became obsessed with the question of bodybuilding safely and putting on muscle safely.

And then one day into his life came a colleague who was doing research on fitness training, using state-of-the-art measuring techniques and equipment. See the post below to learn what happened next.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Develops

John Barban discovered an astonishing piece of information: he found that guys who were similar in height and who regularly worked out would have the same amount of muscle, no matter how much they differed in weight.

In other words, a guy who was 195 pounds and a guy who was 250 pounds, and who were the same height, would have the same amount of muscle. Fact. The guy with the extra weight had more fat – and that was all the difference.

Astounding? Yes. Hard to believe? Yes. True? Yes.

Before and after pictures of The Adonis Golden Ratio
Same muscle, less fat? Only if they work out regularly.

Furthermore, this research demonstrated without question that the only way to go beyond a certain level of muscular development is to use drugs.

John Barban points out that this issue of wanting to be bigger and more muscular really is a problem for a lot of guys, But why?

And then he had the realization that the desire to be bigger, was simply a misplaced wish to be “successful”. And so what was the connection between size and success to many of these guys?

Sheer physical dominance.

Oh boy.

What a revelation.

The real question that underlies all of this is, of course:

What body shape do I need, so that I have a more satisfying and successful life?

With a new problem to solve, Barban started his research again, and he soon discovered a lot of research into physical attraction was being done.

And so, it turns out that an attractive body is a healthy body.


A healthy body is an attractive body.

A healthy body isn’t only lean – which means low body fat – but it’s also muscular. As muscular as a person could naturally be within his own genetic limits.

How interesting!

It now turns out that researchers can use certain specific measurements to estimate health risks, body fat levels and body size and shape – and those measurements are a person’s waist circumference, and their waist to height ratio.

In fact, a person’s waist to height ratio is the clearest indicator of coronary risk factors in the whole area of research.

To be specific: a waist to height index greater than 0.5 is capable of identifying almost all overweight people, and almost all people who who have a coronary risk factor even if they are NOT overweight.


To make that clear: if your waist to height ratio is over 0.5, you are at risk regardless of the size of your body or your height.

Having discovered this, Barban then turned his attention to how waist circumference related to overall attractiveness of the male body. And you can see in this the beginnings of the research that led to the final Adonis Golden Ratio system.

Indeed, Barban at this stage was fascinated by the question of what the ideal body proportions would be for a man.

And of course when you think about it, waist to height ratio is not enough. It’s an incomplete index of overall health and, for that matter, overall attractiveness.



John Barban wanted to know what the “ideal” male body shape was  – in the eyes of women… and men, too.

(Read more about this here.)

In other words, what male body shape would attract women and get respect from other men?

One thing was obvious – women were turned off by the bulky muscular physique most bodybuilders.

In fact, women are scared of men like this.

So sheer muscularity alone doesn’t do it.

OK? What next?

Well, there are some very simple ways of determining the muscularity of a  man.

In fact, John Barban found that a man’s shoulder circumference, which is measured approximately halfway up from the nipple and halfway down from the clavicle, is the best measure of muscle mass that scales proportionately with height.

In simple terms, “the bigger the shoulder circumference at any given height and waist measurement, the more muscular a man is likely to be. ”

And by contrast, “the lower the waist circumference at any given height, the leaner a man is likely to be.”

So knowing this, the question is – what body proportions in men do women see as ideal?

After researching this question for several years, Barban concluded that women intuitively use exactly the same measurements as a possible indicator of ideal body shape in men: the man’s shoulder to waist ratio.

You see, it turned out that in culture after culture, women regarded a ratio of approximately 1.6 to 1 (in other words a man’s shoulders should have 1.6 times the circumference of his waist) as an ideal body shape in men.

Anything that varies significantly above or below this turns out to be increasingly unattractive to women.

And here is the amazing thing! 1.618 is the so-called golden ratio. This is not just a feature of the Adonis Golden Ratio system. In fact, it’s one of the keys to the human perception of beauty. It is an aesthetic ideal.

Sidebar: See the bottom of this page for an explanation of the Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio is 1 to 1.618. And astonishingly, the human mind seems to be sensitized in some way to this proportion, because where ever one part of the whole compares to another part in this ratio, we regard the whole as beautiful.

That includes buildings, bodies, and natural organisms.

For example.

The Golden Ratio determines preference in all kinds of objects.
The Golden Ratio determines preference in all kids of objects.

It’s B, isn’t it? That’s the one which conforms to the Golden Ratio.

Sidebar: Here’s what one successful Adonis member says:

Guys, with Adonis Index you can measure your progress, it’s right in front of you!

Stop trying to get big. I know you think that if you are big dude everyone is going to respect you and you will get all the money and chicks in the world, but that is not how it works. 

Bodyweight is overrated. Your value as a man is not in how much you weigh.

Keep it as simple as possible; this approach takes away stress and waste of energy. I am a living proof that it’s possible to get great results by doing simple things.

And once you get in shape your behavior will change big time…. Before training with Adonis Index I acted like a jackass. This behavior came from my insecurities about the way I looked. When I looked skinny I was a jerk, when I bulked up, I became even a bigger jerk. And this only changed once I got in shape.

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The Adonis Golden Ratio Can Help You Look Great

John Barban and The Adonis Golden Ratio

For some reason, we’re programmed to see a body built to the golden ratio as the ideal masculine form.

Women are attracted to it. Men, however, see it as a sign of an alpha male. A sign of dominance. It is, in short, a ratio that most people find golden – beautiful.

So Barban adopted the term Adonis Index Ratio, and more recently, the Adonis Golden Ratio, for the shoulder to waist ratio hat represents that ideal in the human body.

It’s the most important ratio for the overall look of the male body. It’s the one that women most often judge you on. And even more interestingly, it’s an indicator of good health.

Now, maybe you’re thinking there’s not much you can do about it.

But you’d be wrong.

And that’s the whole point of the Adonis Golden Ratio System for men.

Sidebar: Video with Kyle Leon (Kyle is one of the authors of the Adonis System)

The interesting thing is that almost everybody’s basic bone structure is more or less in accordance with the golden ratio. And even more so, your muscle mass underneath all the fat you’re carrying is probably very close to the golden ratio as well.

So in order to maximize the power of your appearance, you have to take off the fat, and adjust the muscle. Specifically, you have to develop the degree of muscularity that comes naturally for you.

To quote Barban: “The specific Adonis Index ratio is based around an ideal waist size that is calculated from your height and seems to represent the maximum amount of muscle you can build naturally. In other words you can have a golden ratio without doing any exercise if you’re very lean, BUT you’ll still be underdeveloped compared to your ideal. Think of it this way:  it’s the difference between having the body of a lean 16 year old boy vs a lean muscular powerful man.”

And get this: when you conform to the Adonis ratio, this is a dominating look. It’s the one women are attracted to.

It’s the one that makes your body have a powerful effect on the subconscious mind of other people.

Remember what you’re conveying: health, fitness, dominance.

So, the Adonis Golden Ratio (or Adonis Index Ratio) is all about bringing your waist to shoulder circumference ratio as close to 1:1.618 as you can.

The closer your Adonis index ratio is to this number, the more attractive you will be.

And keep in mind that there is a specific body weight associated with your body build and your height that will be different to the next man’s when you conform to the Adonis golden ratio.

Again, to put it simply: you will have a specific body weight when you reach your Golden Adonis ratio; and you will also reach a certain specific percentage of body fat at that weight.

The Adonis Golden Ratio (also known as the Adonis Index) is the ratio of your shoulder circumference to your waist circumference.

You can find out what your AGR or AI is right now by measuring the circumference of your waist at your belly button – without sucking in your gut- and the circumference of your shoulders at their widest point. (That’s most likely to be halfway between your nipple and your collarbone.)

Take both measurements in good posture with your shoulders back, your chest out, and your posture straight and upright.

The closer your ratio is to 1: 1.618 the close you are to your perfect body proportions.

But Looking Good Isn’t All That Simple!

So surely losing weight around your waist would bring you closer to your ideal Adonis index?

Well, no.

That’s because your waist has to be accurately proportioned to your height – this is another part of the golden ratio. Your ideal waist should be 0.447 times your height.

Adonis Golden Exercise systems
Great looking guy with correct balance of shoulder and waist size.

We’ve already seen that a certain waist circumference is an indicator of good health. In addition, men should ideally have a waist measurement that is less than 50% of their height, but not below 45%. Below that a man begins to look somewhat feminine in appearance.

By now you will see that there is a very precise science behind the Adonis effect. There are some very precise golden ratios that go to make up your Adonis index.

It’s not guesswork; it’s based on proven science.

And the aesthetics are based on what the human mind seems to have evolved over millennia to regard as attractive.

Who knows why?

Does it matter?

No, of course it doesn’t matter. What matters is the social dominance, the attractiveness to women, and the good health that you get when your body conforms to the Adonis Golden Ratio. Regardless of how tall you are. Regardless of how big you are.

You can look great, and appealing, no matter what your size, provided you conform to the Adonis Golden Ratio.

And here’s the really interesting part: the overall Adonis Effect only holds true if the man has a slim waist  with above average muscle mass. Having a bulky waist or “spare tire” and even bulkier shoulders doesn’t work, and having a very small waist with small shoulders (that are in a golden ratio) is also much less effective.

As you may know, women report that no matter what a guy’s shoulders are like, his body is unattractive if he has a fat waist.

And women are also turned off by guys who are skinnier than they should be according to their base skeletal structure.

So, putting it all together for a six-foot man:

Height 72 inches
Ideal waist is 44.7% of height, which equals 32.18 inches
Perfect shoulder measurement equals 1.618 x 32.18 = 52.07 inches

Forget bodybuilding, forget 22 inch arms, and forget weighing 275 pounds.

This is the ideal for a six-foot man. It’s the ideal that every six-foot man should strive for. Yes, it represents a high level of muscularity to be achieved without drug usage.

But the thing is, the amount of work it takes to create shoulder circumference of this size will also create proportionately large chest, back and arm measurements.

And the closer you get to this size, the more impressive your body will look, the more attention you draw to yourself simply based on your form and proportions.

Modern physical attraction research, and also the proportion of ancient sculpture and art, demonstrate the right shape and right proportion together make up the ideal ratio for the human condition.

And why? Because there is actually very little variation in human size when you remove the fat that we are all carrying.

John Barban has discovered that the lean mass of a man is very predictable when one knows the man’s height. And in fact, total body mass, fat-free mass, fat mass and even bone mineral density, are directly related to height in men and women alike.

And muscle mass in particular has a directly linear relationship with height.

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More About The Golden Ratio (A Review)

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The Golden Ratio Made Real

So another important fact: most men hit their golden waist ratio at approximately 8 to 10% body fat.

John Barban explains exactly why exercising in accordance with the Adonis system will build your body into the Adonis ratio.

I won’t repeat all the information here, because you can read it in the theory of ideal body proportions in the Adonis Intro Guide once you’ve joined.

But basically the truth of the matter is this: there’s a very limited amount of skeletal muscle on the average person that can actually be developed, and most of those gains come within the first 2 to 6 months.

After that, it’s very difficult to put on additional muscle tissue, and most weight gain tends to be fat.

And What About Body Shape, You May Ask?

It’s certainly true that there are different generalized body shapes — called Endomorphic, Mesomorphic, and Ectomorphic.

And even so, the same dynamic is true for everyone: the only things you can control are building muscle mass and burning fat mass!

That’s why the Adonis Golden Ratio offers 3 programs: one for men who need to lose fat, one for men who need to build muscle, and one for men who need to do both.

This accommodates all three body types. No matter where you’re starting from there is still a perfect Adonis Golden Ratio which is your objective, and is based on your height.

This is all fully explained in the members’ are of the Adonis system.

Now maybe you’re wondering if this is something that’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of time.

Here’s what one man (Ben) has to say about how he got to a great body shape. “Everything about the Adonis index makes sense…. I changed from introvert to extrovert as I built muscles on my body…. this made for a big change in my social interactions…. the way I carry myself and act in social situations is now completely different. People think it’s gym work, but I simply spend my lunch break training and no more. Nor do I eat specially.”

Higher up the page I mentioned that building the shoulders and the upper back and torso are critical to building the Adonis ratio between shoulder circumference and waist circumference.

Now you might be wondering whether or not that means you’ll end up with a disproportionately developed upper body!

In fact, the Adonis Golden Ratio has a very balanced set of arm and leg work which complements all the other exercises in the Adonis system.

That means that your arms and legs get enough work to fit with your new chest, back and shoulders. You will look great – and balanced!

But why does the Adonis Index matter?

I’m guessing that you already know this, but let’s just recap.

Men who have a perfect Adonis index ratio, or who are near to it, get a different kind of respect and attention from both women and men.

And this only starts to develop once your body is in this ideal proportion. The reason for that is because people have an unconscious reaction to it. It’s predetermined, and it only happens when you’re near the Adonis Golden Ratio.

You know, the simple truth is that as a species we evolved to recognize good health, which is an attractive quality.

It draws men and women alike towards you.

After using the Adonis Golden Ratio system
You – after using the Adonis Golden Ratio system?

And as you know, the perfect Adonis index ratio indicates good health and genetic fitness.

Women seek it out because they are programmed to. It gives you a massive advantage in meeting new people. It gives you a massive advantage in career success. It gives you a massive advantage in social situations. In fact, it makes you the alpha male that you’ve always wanted to be.

Developing that Adonis Index Ratio – the golden ratio – takes work AND a well-designed workout program.

The exercises in modern magazines and on the Internet just don’t do it. Powerlifting won’t do it.

What will do it is the 12 week muscle-building foundation program that John Barban designed specifically for clients of the Adonis Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio Made Simple (Math 101)

goldenIn mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.
The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0,

 \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} \ \stackrel{\text{def}}{=}\ \varphi,

where the Greek letter phi (φ) represents the golden ratio. Its value is:

\varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.6180339887\ldots.

The golden ratio is also called the golden section (Latin: sectio aurea) or golden mean. Other names include extreme and mean ratiomedial sectiondivine proportiondivine sectiongolden proportiongolden cut, and golden number.